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Last 50 reviews
Studio Album, 2021
4.12 | 76 ratings

NMB: Innocence & Danger
Neal Morse Symphonic Prog

Review by AlanB

Innocence and Danger is quite a varied selection of songs, some poppy, some with prog elements, and a couple of full- blown prog epics. Lots of great melodies, as you always get with Neal Morse, and really good vocal harmonies. Stylistically there is more than a hint of the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Yes and other great bands of the past.

There are 10 songs here spread across two CDs. The first CD consists of eight "short" songs between three and eight minutes long. Of these, my personal favourites would be the beautiful Not Afraid Part 1, the Pink Floyd - like The Way It Had To Be, and a very clever progressive version of Bridge Over Troubled Water. The one song I would skip would be Emergence, I just find it a little boring, although as an introduction to Not Afraid Part 1 it does fit in.

On to CD2, and we have two magnificent long songs clocking in at 20 minutes and 30 minutes. Not Afraid Part 2 is the most immediately accessible, but the more I listen to Beyond The Years the more I like it. There is a five minute section halfway through the song, involving Hammond organ and a guitar solo, which is absolutely brilliant and for me is the high spot of the album. Eric Gillette in fact has some wonderful solo spots, Bridge Over Troubled Water is another one that springs to mind.

Finally, for those who are put off by the preachiness of some of Neal Morse's lyrics, you won't be troubled here. There are clearly spiritual references in some songs, but nothing blatantly Christian if that's something that bothers you.


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Studio Album, 2021
4.83 | 4 ratings

Man Out of Time
Manna / Mirage Canterbury Scene

Review by BrufordFreak
Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

A collection of Dave Newhouse songs that contain some of his most complex, well-developed ideas since he went solo. I love that there is so much going on within each song that I pick out entirely new and different things with each listening.

1. "What's the Big Idea?" (4:19) all musicians here seem to be traveling their own solo paths while somehow, amazingly, creating a wonderfully mature weave. (9.5/10)

2. "World Song" (3:49) great drumming beneath Carla Diratz' bluesy singing and the rest of the band's baseline weave. (8.5/10)

3. "In for a Penny" (4:34) great Canterbury slow groove (Fender Rhodes, horns, and bass) over which xylophone, flute, vocalise, and drums create some wonderfully melodic trails. (9/10)

4. "Red Ball Express" (2:56) one of Dave's more free-form, boundary-pushing, almost laughable, hot air balloon ride compositions that remains somehow tethered to the ground by the mellifluous winds. (4.25/5)

5. "4 Steps Back" (10:45) a very well conceived and realized Canterbury style jazz song with nice contributions from strings and Mark Stanley's electric guitar--and a most excellent contribution from drummer Sean Rickman. I love the Muffins-like eight and ninth minutes and then the pugillistic final two minutes. Great editing and mixing to get this one to sound so perfect. (18.75/20)

6. "Fred's Dream" (3:58) opens with a sound, styling, and pacing that is quite reminiscent of STEELY DAN or some other Gary Katz production (Rosie Vela or Love and Money). GREAT melodic and harmonic structure. And so fun to have Fred Frith's wild contribution! (9.5/10)

7. "Silver Age" (4:00) opens like something from HAROLD BUDD and THE COCTEAU TWINS' The Moon and the Melodies 1986 album. Fun! (8.5/10)

8. "These Days" (2:32) beautiful, peaceful keyboard (Fender Rhodes) work over which Rich O'Meara splays his marimba work. (4.75/5)

Total Time 36:53

I am so grateful for Dave's detailed liner notes explaining the etiology of each song: they are so enjoyable to read. The Coronavirus pandemic definitely allowed Dave the time and room to fully and completely develop and rework his ideas into wonderfully complete feeling songs. A-/5 stars; a minor masterpiece of Canterbury style jazz.


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Studio Album, 2021
2.92 | 3 ratings

The Art of Bleeding
The Watch Neo-Prog

Review by MACs Auto Parts 48-24398 Pickup Truck Horn Button Spring

Twenty years ago I received The Watch first album Ghost as a CD-R to review, this week I received The Watch latest effort The Art Of Bleeding as a WeTransfer to review, the only original member is Simone Rossetti, a lot changed within 20 years, but The Watch still make wonderful 70-77 Genesis inspired music.

About The Art Of Bleeding the band wrote: "After a huge and three years long composing process, for the first time The Watch has ventured into the world of the concept album with five stories that revolve around the idea of cathartic violence. A musical theme developed in various ways to create different atmospheres. A disc to immerse yourself in and let yourself go."

On this new album The Watch presents 8 melodic, harmonic and varied tracks, featuring a wonderful colouring with guitar and keyboards and, last but not least, Simone his passionate vocals with that distinctive Peter Gabriel timbre. The Watch succeeds to blend the unsurpassed 70-77 Genesis sound with some fine own musical ideas, and to keep my attention during the entire album.

Like in the captivating song Red: the freaky synthesizer sound, slightly distorted vocals, powerful Hammond runs and a scary scream halfway create an ominous climate, the final part contains bombastic keyboards and a dynamic rhythm-section. In the dark Hatred Of Wisdom the blend of a raw and propulsive guitar riff and soaring Mellotron violins delivers a compelling musical contrast. And the final track Red Is Deep starts mellow with dreamy keyboards and vocals, then a catchy beat with rock guitar (Peter Gabriel solo evokes), halfway a break with helicopter sound, followed by an eruption with a mid-tempo and pleasant vocals, gradually joined by bombastic keyboards.

More obvious 70-77 Genesis inspired compositions are the dynamic Abendlicht (lush keyboards and a fiery guitar solo), The Fisherman (12-string acoustic guitars and intense Hackett-like volume pedal guitar play), Howl The Stars Down (swelling Hammond sound, beautiful classical guitar, melancholical vocals, and in the end a churchy Hammond) and Black Is Deep (moving guitar work, majestic Mellotron violins, and the distinctive ARP Pro Solist synthesizer sound, this is by far the most Genesis sounding track).

My rating: 3,5 star.

P.s.: The 'Deluxe Edition' contains a Special Edition CD with 7 songs from the The Watch discography, in different versions, chosen by The Watch themselves (A.T.L.A.S, Goddes, Something Wrong, The Border, Sound Of Sirens / Another Life, Scene Of The Crime and Tourist Trap).


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Live, 1976
3.85 | 480 ratings

All the World's a Stage
Rush Heavy Prog

Review by Uruk_hai

Review #93

It is not the first time that I say this (probably not the last time either) but, with a very few exceptions, I'm not a huge fan of live albums, that is because the songs almost never sound interestingly different to the studio versions so I rather listen to the original album and this is not an exception.

This album was both recorded and published in 1976, right after "2112" (which was the main plate on the table) and it features songs from RUSH's first four albums; LEE, LIFESON and PEART were in their better days and of course the energy on stage is almost palpable but with a lack of improvisation these performances sound just the same as the studio versions and that makes the album only entertaining but not at all indispensable.


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Studio Album, 1972
4.14 | 1691 ratings

Emerson Lake & Palmer Symphonic Prog

Review by A Crimson Mellotron

1972 saw Emerson, Lake & Palmer release their third proper studio album, named 'Trilogy', issued on the Island label and produced, as usual, by the band's own Greg Lake. In the year of 'Foxtrot', 'Close to the Edge', 'Thick as A Brick' and 'Octopus', and after releasing two pretty successful and impressive albums in the face of the self-titled debut and 'Tarkus', it seems fair to assess that 'Trilogy' is not a step up, to put it that way. However, any negative connotations such a statement could usher should be quickly abandoned, as this album continues the flamboyant and all-over-the-place stylistic that ELP was going after, and is certainly an excellent example of early prog rock.

Nowadays, when a band releases such a record, we often say it is 'more of the same', usually dismissing it as something non-progressive. Others, nevertheless, do not take sonic similarities between albums as a negative trace, but rather as a sign of a band honing their craft and developing further their own identity. In the case of 'Trilogy', I tend to be more inclined towards the latter case.

From the get-go the listener is bombarded by the keyboard wizardry of Keith Emerson on 'The Endless Enigma, Part 1', a three-part composition that is quite choral and cerebral, while maintaining the lush luster of the previous material by the band; one of the better presentations of ELP. 'From the Beginning' is a gorgeous acoustic piece by Lake, one of the most well-known songs from the power trio; the rest of side one is quite good, as well, with 'Hoedown' becoming a live staple in the years to follow.

Side two is no worse, with just three songs, where we could say the band displays their more adventurous side, with the title track - a great, great song, 'Living Sin', something more different from the band, and one of their 'heavier' songs, and finally 'Abaddon's Bolero', a listening experience only for the most patient, but nevertheless a very recognizable prog rock instrumental.

'Trilogy' might not have the suspense of 'Take a Pebble' or 'Knife-Edge', or the over the top grandiosity of the seven-part 'Tarkus', but it has a charming character of its own, topped by the very excellent performance of each band member, and especially the beautiful singing of Lake, all of which make it a very good addition to anyone's collection of progressive rock.


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Studio Album, 2012
3.94 | 1127 ratings

Clockwork Angels
Rush Heavy Prog

Review by Uruk_hai

Review #92

"Clockwork angels" was the last studio album of RUSH, it was released in 2012 and it got both good and bad qualifications by the fans and the media. Back in those days, I was obsessed with the seventies records of Prog, so when I heard this album on Grooveshark it was not at all an album that I liked, but here I am almost 10 years later opening my brain and heart to give it a second chance and I have to say I've been unfair with it.

Of course, RUSH never got as good as it was in the seventies, I've been saying that in almost every RUSH review I've written, but "Clockwork angels" (as much as "Snakes and arrows" did) could bring back a little of the original hard rock style that RUSH had in their first albums, I'm not talking about the "A farewell to kings" or "Hemispheres" albums, this record sounds (at least to me) more similar to "Fly by night" and "Caress of steel", when they were a manliy Hard Rock band (with a lot of school of DEEP PURPLE, LED ZEPPELIN and WISHBONE ASH) than a Progressive Rock band but of course: this is not a band of youngsters anymore, the music played in this album was clearly made by mature old men and that absolutely marks a difference.

RUSH is without any doubt one of the most influential Rock bands ever, along its career they recorded lots of albums, some amazing ones, some not that much and I think this is right in the middle. It was a great way to close the catalog of such an important band.


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Singles/EPs/Fan Club/Promo, 2005
3.49 | 34 ratings

A Missing Chromosome
The Mars Volta Heavy Prog

Review by Kempokid
Collaborator Prog Metal Team

While A Missing Chromosome might be little more than a bootleg compilation of b-sides along with the entire Tremulant EP, this is still without a doubt one of the most interesting bonus track collections I've heard. Not only do the tracks sound interesting and varied, but they're able to paint such a profound representation of the band's journey up to this point. The EP tracks at the start show off the post-hardcorish beginnings of the band, before things delve further and further into surreal, experimental territory that showcases the band's ability to craft detailed, evocative soundscapes. Say what you will about Bible and the Breathalyzer, some might consider it an unsuccessful experiment, but it still feels very clear that the band had the ability to move far away from those more immediate, instantly catchy and frenetic tracks from their earlier days. A Plague Upon Your Hissing is especially interesting as well thanks to the fact that it feels like a first draft of one of their most harrowing and amazing songs, Day of the Baphomets, channelling this sense of manic, anxious energy but with a distinctly heavier edge here than on the final version of the track. Frances the Mute also manages to be just as great as most of the album by the same name, so to miss out on such a masterpiece is doing a disservice if you're anything of a Mars Volta fan. So once again, despite the fact that this is a bootleg compilation of songs, it's honestly really worth a listen if you're a fan of the earlier works of the band, extremely effective as a standalone and even more effective as yet another piece of history.

Best tracks: Frances the Mute, Concertina, A Plague Upon Your Hissing

Weakest tracks: Ambuletz


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Studio Album, 2007
3.57 | 1004 ratings

Snakes & Arrows
Rush Heavy Prog

Review by Uruk_hai

Review #91

I gave 2 stars to "Grace under pressure" and after that, I did the same with every single RUSH album until "Vapor trails", so it made no sense to write a bunch of reviews about the same band saying exactly the same and rating every album with the same amount of stars, so I just rated the albums without writing any review until now and why did I decide to write a review about "Snakes and arrows"? What was different? Well, for starts I'll give one more star to this album because I find a lot of reminiscenses to RUSH's great albums from the seventies and start of eighties, this album got originality and clearly an improvement in the quality of the compositions.

The style of "Snakes and arrows" is probably not as Heavy and powerful as "Hemispheres" or "Permanent waves" but cat least it has a lot of interesting and fresh songs such as "Spindrift" "Faithless" or "Armor and sword", we can hear a very revitilized band with very original material that doesn't sound as mototonal and boring as the previous 8 or 9 previous albums of the band. RUSH had a tremendous change of style in this record, it is probably their only album after "Signals" that I would ever buy.


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Studio Album, 2021
4.00 | 1 ratings

Back from the Brink
Nova Cascade Neo-Prog

Review by DamoXt7942
Forum & Site Admin Group Avant/Cross/Neo/Post Teams

— First review of this album —
Dramatically colourful appearance in this album.

A UK act NOVA CASCADE have come back with their latest opus entitled "Back From The Brink" in September 2021, that is full of magical comfortable ambience seasoned with catchy, melodic movements by a variety of instruments as well. Synthesizer-oriented electronic pop signatures accentuate their imaginative sound structure. And some ethnic vibes sometimes slided all around the�creation would sound quite exotic for the audience. Such elements can be heard in the very beginning of the departure "Rectify", slowtempo electro-ambience in a soft and smooth manner. In the first part of the following track "The Minutes After" we can enjoy slightly dissonant but delightful synthesizer plays by Hilborne. Such a glamorous texture makes us happy. The combination of acoustic guitar talks and calm, solemn flute whispers should be our pleasure too. The last percussive run encourages us. "There Is Always A Way" and "Phantom" (guess we could consider the two songs a�series of events) consists of magnificent, enthusiastic keyboard theatre. Clearly artistic neo-symphonic touches are here.

"Classroom Keys" reminds us of the similarity to some Japanese Symphonic projects featuring keyboards and wind instruments. The shortest�one has a pretty long fruity attack and flavour. It sounds like "The Hill" is one of the most complicated tracks in this album. A bit depressive, tragic atmosphere is around it. Crying guitar is also impressive. The titled longest track involves repetitive but kaleidoscopic ready-steady-go phrases featuring delicate acoustic guitar plays, modest flute vibes, based upon the sincere keyboard background. A mixture of Orientality and vivacity on the last run is pretty gorgeous. We would get immersed in the very last sad but beautiful finish. The last "Long Winter" gives us a cool, cheerful aftertaste, despite the fact the tough, challenging winter under the pandemic situation might be long and chilling.

Cannot recommend this album for�ambient-music�haters but let me say it sounds just like we are breathing in the fresh�air,�for Neo-Prog (or Crossover) fans, yes.


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Studio Album, 2011
4.18 | 20 ratings

Gentle Stream
The Amazing Crossover Prog

Review by Mellotron Storm
Prog Reviewer

This would be my second favourite album from Sweden's own THE AMAZING featuring guitarist Reine Fiske. I do connect more with 2016's "Ambulance" for that Dream Pop vibe. This one is folky and dreamy too with those warm vocals and Fiske's wondrous guitar leads.

That self titled opener is certainly one of my favourites off this album. Just a beautiful song both instrumentally and vocally. Lots of depth and some organ after 4 minutes when the vocals step aside briefly. A long instrumental break ends it. More organ on the next tune "Flashlight" and the chorus is moving. Thankyou! We even get some guest flute and sax on this one. Fragile vocals on "The Fog" which is folky, "Gone" is excellent especially the guitar and vocals. "Dogs" is a top three again because of the vocals and guitar. This is one I can just drift away to. The closer "When The Colours Change" is one I can relate to here in Canada. Another dreamy tune especially the chorus.

Man I have such a thing for Swedish melancholy, nobody does melancholy like the Swedes.


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    Peter Hammill
  49. Still Life
    Van Der Graaf Generator
  50. A Trick of the Tail
  51. Hand. Cannot. Erase.
    Steven Wilson
  52. Permanent Waves
  53. The Raven That Refused to Sing (and Other Stories)
    Steven Wilson
  54. Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso
    Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso
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  59. Fear Of A Blank Planet
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  61. The Inner Mounting Flame
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  62. A Drop of Light
    All Traps On Earth
  63. Romantic Warrior
    Return To Forever
  64. The Mothers of Invention: One Size Fits All
    Frank Zappa
  65. Hatfield and the North
    Hatfield And The North
  66. In Absentia
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  67. Dwellers of the Deep
  68. Space Shanty
  69. Misplaced Childhood
  70. Voyage of the Acolyte
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  73. Obscura
  74. Radio Gnome Invisible Vol. 3 - You
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  78. Symbolic
  79. Spectrum
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  81. If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You
    LUJUNTEC Transmission Speed Sensor Fit for Chrysler Sebring,for
  82. Emerson Lake & Palmer
    Emerson Lake & Palmer
  83. In A Silent Way
    Miles Davis
  84. Bitches Brew
    Miles Davis
  85. Second Life Syndrome
  86. Maxophone
  87. Ghost Reveries
  88. Sing to God
  89. K.A (K�hntark�sz Anteria)
  90. The Road of Bones
  91. Rubycon
    Tangerine Dream
  92. Remedy Lane
    Pain Of Salvation
  93. Crimson
    Edge Of Sanity
  94. Operation: Mindcrime
  95. Elegant Gypsy
    Al DiMeola
  96. The Perfect Element - Part 1
    Pain Of Salvation
  97. We'll Talk About It Later
  98. Anabelas
  99. Blackwater Park
  100. Ys
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